Steady in Purpose

Informed discussion of the complex national security problems facing our country.

The 200+ members of the Steady State are former national security officials who, even in retirement, remain committed to their oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” They continue to promote democracy, rule of law, and national security based on the values shared by most Americans.

Steady State members served our country in various national security areas, including intelligence, defense, diplomacy, and law. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. We have worked in both Democratic and Republican administrations; our personal politics never affected our actions as non-partisan public officials.

This diverse group came together in 2020 to address a real danger to the country, as U.S. national security was damaged and our long-standing alliances were weakened. We saw the credibility of our country and our standing in the world diminished. The foundations of our democracy, as well as our global position and influence were badly shaken, as an authoritarian, anti-democratic strain became a part of our domestic politics.

The Biden Administration has done much to restore the United States’ global standing and leadership, as seen most notably in the decisive NATO response to protect Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. But the domestic and international threats that led us to action in 2020 have not disappeared. The gains we have made remain fragile. The threats to our democracy and international stability and security have evolved, and in some ways become more acute. The need to promote the values that brought us together three years ago remains as strong as, if not stronger than, ever.

The Steady State will continue to be driven by policy goals rather than partisan politics. We will publish, speak, and educate on vital domestic, regional, and global security issues. These include rule of law, free and fair elections, political civility, and transparent policymaking based on facts and sound analysis. We will also emphasize the importance of coordinating with like-minded democratic countries, and of government supported by experienced professionals who commit to putting their country first, just as we did.

While we will remain a non-partisan organization, we will resolutely oppose elected officials and candidates who violate our laws and the Constitution many have sworn to uphold, protect, and defend. We will also oppose politicians who are bent on preventing government from fulfilling the will of the people. We will demand truth from our governments and legislatures; we will write and speak against division, demagoguery, and anarchy.

Members of The Steady State will work to help our country and the administration succeed, using our expertise in national security issues to write and speak in support of realistic, expert-based, honest answers to the array of complex problems our country faces. We invite other former U.S. national security officials to join us in this long-term cause.


Decades of experience inform our actions and our choices. We represent all political parties, geographic regions, and ethnic and religious backgrounds. And while we may disagree on the means for achieving national goals, we share an unwavering conviction for democracy, the rule of law, free and fair elections, and the Constitutional rights of all citizens.


We speak, write, and advocate for ways to protect our democracy. In the run-up to the 2022 Congressional elections, we endorse and support candidates with national security backgrounds who share our democratic values.


We are not afraid to speak out on the sometimes subtle dangers of anti-democratic movements. We appreciate your involvement:

  • Read and share our articles on the national security implications of specific issues and the positions of candidates seeking office.
  • Attend our fundraisers and donate to candidates who will provide a bulwark against authoritarian trends.
  • Share our social media posts to help broaden our reach.
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