The Steady State Endorses Candidates for 2022

It is essential that the 2022 Congressional elections return strong majorities to the House and Senate who are dedicated to safeguard the rights of all American citizens, to restore trust in public services, and restore confidence in the United States around the globe.  To that end, the Steady State is announcing today our first endorsements of outstanding candidates who share our values and strong national security experience. They are: 

  • Matt Castelli – House, New York-21
  • VADM Mike Franken – Senate, Iowa
  • Dave Harden – House, Maryland-01
  • Andy Kim – House, New Jersey-03
  • Tom Malinowski – House, New Jersey-07
  • Deborah McGrath – House, Wisconsin-03
  • Patrick Schmidt – House, Kansas-02
  • Elissa Slotkin – House, Michigan-08
  • Abigail Spanberger – House, Virginia-07

Formed in March 2020, the Steady State includes over 200 national security professionals concerned; most are former U.S. officials who served in the U.S. national security community, including in intelligence, defense policy, diplomacy, law enforcement, and as Congressional staff. We are Republicans, Democrats or Independents. Our personal politics never affected the execution of our duties as nonpartisan public officials.

This diverse group came together to address a real danger to the country, as U.S. national security was damaged and our longstanding alliances weakened. The foundations of our democracy, as well as our global position and influence were badly shaken, as an authoritarian, anti-democratic strain acquired unprecedented strength in our domestic politics.

The Steady State welcomed the election of President Joe Biden in 2020. Our nation and our alliances are stronger and more secure under his leadership, but our democracy remains threatened. We must resolutely oppose those who deny the legitimacy of President Biden’s election, support the January 6 terroristic and seditious attack on the Capitol, and seek to deny voting rights to millions of Americans. 

We expect to issue more endorsements in the coming months. In keeping with our nonpartisan foundation, we will endorse candidates who will work to strengthen America’s democracy and place in the world, irrespective of party affiliation.   

Additional Steady State press statements explain in more detail our reasons for supporting each of the impressive candidates we have endorsed today.