March 28, 2022

Menomonie, WI—Today, Deb McGrath’s campaign for Wisconsin’s third congressional district released a poignant digital ad on Republican Derrick Van Orden’s ongoing allegiance to Donald Trump, close ties to a casino magnate accused of sexual harassment, and presence at the January 6th Insurrection.

“Derrick Van Orden has proven time and again he does not represent Wisconsin values–from threatening library workers to joining armed insurrectionists. He is wrong for Wisconsin,” said Kayla Hausmann, McGrath’s Campaign Manager. “Western and central Wisconsinites deserve a proven leader. Deb McGrath will stand up to Van Orden to protect our democracy, and fight for the kitchen table issues impacting our families most.”

The ad includes clips of Derrick Van Orden participating in the January 6th insurrection and proudly standing by twice-impeached president Trump, and can be viewed here.


About Deb McGrath

Born and raised in western Wisconsin, Deb McGrath is a former Army Captain, CIA officer, and working mother of three children. She and her husband, Colonel Kevin McGrath (U.S Army, Retired), raised their three children with an emphasis on public and community service. Deb’s father is the late Democratic Congressman Al Baldus and her mother, Lolly, served in education for over 20 years. Both of her parents came from farm families. Deb grew up listening to the concerns of those in her community.