The 2022 elections must return to the House and Senate strong majorities dedicated to safeguarding the rights of all American citizens, rebuilding trust in public service, and restoring confidence in the United States around the globe. To that end, the Steady State, a group of former national security professionals, is announcing our first endorsements of outstanding candidates, including Deborah McGrath, who share our values, our commitment to the United States, and have demonstrated experience in national security.

Deborah McGrath ( is running for Congress to represent Wisconsin’s Third District. She has spent her entire career in public service. Following her father into the military, McGrath was commissioned as an officer in the Army. She took advanced training and hardship assignments, including the DMZ in Korea, consistently demonstrating her leadership and dedication to the service. Later, as a military spouse and mother of three, McGrath continued to serve, supporting others during deployments, advocating
for special needs individuals, and winning improved educational assistance within the military system, serving in soup kitchens and on school boards, all while raising her children.

After 9/11, when her Army Ranger husband was deployed to support the fight against al Qaeda, McGrath was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), renewed her oath to support and defend the United States, and supported CIA operations in a series of overseas assignments including hardship posts and combat zone tours. McGrath earned multiple awards for mission accomplishment and personal courage. McGrath’s time with the CIA repeatedly demonstrated her abilities to lead and act as part of a team.

Many of the problems that McGrath worked to solve while abroad now plague the United States: discord separating communities, weakened trust in government and challenges posed by quality health care, focus on infrastructure and the effects of economic inequity. McGrath’s career in the national security sector has prepared her to make a difference, meeting today’s challenges.

Founded after the 2016 Presidential election, the Steady State now includes over 200 national security professionals. Steady State members include former intelligence officers, specialists in defense policy, diplomats, and Congressional staff. We are pleased to endorse Deborah McGrath and other candidates for the House and Senate who will continue to work tirelessly to strengthen America’s democracy and place in the world.