The 2022 elections must return to the House and Senate strong majorities dedicated to safeguarding the rights of all American citizens, to rebuilding trust in public service, and to restoring confidence in the United States around the globe. To that end, the Steady State, a group of former national security professionals, is announcing our endorsements of outstanding candidates, including Luke Mixon, who share our values, our commitment to the United States, and have strong national security experience.

Luke Mixon ( ) is seeking to unseat Louisiana Senator John Kennedy. Mixon grew up in a farming family outside of Bunkie LA. He attended Louisiana public schools, and, inspired by his grandfather’s WWII military service, entered the US Naval Academy, graduating to become a fighter pilot. Mixon is a TOPGUN graduate, and he flew the F/A-18 Hornet for 17 years, completing four deployments from aircraft carriers in support of missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria and earning three Air Medals. Over his career he accumulated 3000 flight hours.

Mixon completed his military career in the Navy Reserves, as Commanding Officer of VFA-204, the Navy’s F/A-18squadron based in New Orleans, LA.

Mixon spent his career working with dedicated and talented military personnel, able to witness some of the best of the US government. He also saw the consequences of irresponsible leadership – abroad and in the US. Mixon watched politicians widen the divide in the US population favoring partisanship over progress and ignoring the needs of the people they were supposed to represent. The infrastructure in Louisiana is crumbling and communities are flooding; but Senator Kennedy voted against money to improve the infrastructure and protect LA from natural disasters. Health care costs are bankrupting families; while Senator Kennedy voted to end coverage for half a million working people in our state.  And, Mixon is a strong supporter of our democracy, while Senator Kennedy voted to overturn the 2020 election, the only Senator to do so.

Mixon has spent his life, in and out of the US military, absorbing the ideals of duty, honor and loyalty. He understands what the people of LA want and need, and at the top of that list is a responsible leader, devoted to helping the people he represents. As the next US Senator from LA, Luke Mixon will be that responsible leader.


Founded after the 2016 Presidential election, the Steady State now includes over 200 national security professionals. Steady State members include former intelligence officers, specialists in defense policy, diplomats, and Congressional staff. We are pleased to endorse Luke Mixon and other candidates for the House and Senate who will continue to work tirelessly to strengthen America’s democracy and place in the world.