The 2022 elections must return to the House and Senate strong majorities dedicated to safeguarding the rights of all American citizens, rebuilding trust in public service, and restoring confidence in the United States around the globe. To that end, the Steady State, a group of former national security professionals, is announcing our first endorsements of outstanding candidates, including Patrick Schmidt, who share our values, our commitment to the United States, and have demonstrated experience in national security.

Patrick Schmidt ( is seeking election to the House of Representatives from the Second Congressional District of Kansas. He has deep family ties to the district going back six generations. Before returning to Kansas, Patrick was a naval intelligence officer from 2016 through 2021 and now serves in the Naval Reserves.

While on active duty, Patrick focused on some of the most serious threats to national and global security. He worked as a targeting analyst for the Joint Special Operations Task Force Arabian Peninsula, leading a counterintelligence and cryptologic team supporting U.S. Central Command. He also was a fleet intelligence watch officer on the U.S. Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, where his duties included directing a multisource intelligence team providing threat warnings for the carrier strike group. Before leaving active duty, Patrick was an intelligence watch officer for the Naval Intelligence Office.

Founded after the 2016 Presidential election, the Steady State now includes over 200 national security professionals. Steady State members include former intelligence officers, specialists in defense policy, diplomats, and Congressional staff. We are pleased to endorse Patrick Schmidt and other candidates for the House and Senate who will continue to work tirelessly to strengthen America’s democracy and place in the world.